Hear from Major League players and satisfied clients.

Wes Helms: Atlanta Braves

“I played with Brett for many years. He was not only a great player but a student of the game. His heart is to help people get better on and off the field. He is a true role model of the game.”

-12 Yr MLB Veteran

Matt Tuiasosopo: Atlanta Braves

“I have played with and against Brett since 2006 and he has played a huge part in my growth not just as a baseball player but as a man. His passion, knowledge for the game and work ethic is second to none”

Chris Coghlan: Chicago Cubs

I have known Brett for over 8 years and there isn’t a teammate in my professional career I can honestly say I would trust more to instruct a kid with his swing and more importantly his character.Chris Coghlan is Former Rookie of the Year in 2009 & current Player for the Chicago Cubs

Tommy Pharr – Head Baseball Coach, Christian Academy of Knoxville

“Brett is one of the brightest and most passionate hitting coaches I have ever been around. I have known him as a high school player, a professional player and now as an instructor. The combination of his knowledge, enthusiasm, and character are unmatched. Brett is committed to helping young men grow as players and men.”

Koltyn Plumb – Cleveland State

“The process is something most people have heard. However, many don’t actually understand what it is to go through a process of complete change. Before I met Brett, I remember going to the cage and never feeling satisfaction in what I was doing. I would go to the cage and would always have frustration and hate about what I was doing and where I was with my swing, never having any real fun or enjoyment in what I was doing. I had enough and remember telling myself, “There’s something more to it”. Meanwhile, my former teammate Chris Caffrey saw my frustration and really starting talking to me after my redshirt year about Brett. He would tell me, “you gotta check it out, just go once”. My ignorance and thoughts with traditional hitting instruction made me oblivious that this was my hitting revelation in a sense. I finally agreed to go up after Chris pushed me about it for weeks. After my first lesson I remember calling my mom crying and telling her, “This is it, I’ve found it!” For the first time I remembered how fun hitting was or as Brett has said, “how crayons smell”. The second lesson I just went in open minded and basically threw away everything I knew about hitting. It was early June and every lesson after that I just tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible. There were some ups and downs in the learning. However, even the days I left with a bad taste in my mouth I knew I had a new sense of “the process”. If I could do it all of over again I would have come to him years ago. I go to the cage and games now with a purpose and a plan, no longer hating my swing and no longer anger with what I’m doing. I am blessed to have met Brett, and I’m eternally greatful for all that he has done for me. #TruthOverTime #TrustTheProcess

Bryson Shelton – Trevecca Nazarene University

“The term truth over time is a very accurate. This is a long but very rewarding process.  I’ve gone from a good hitter to now having the potential to be a great one. I have more power to all fields than I could even imagine 6 months ago, and I am very grateful to have met Brett Carroll and gotten a taste of the “Truth Serum”.  #truthovertime #trusttheprocess

Chris Caffrey: SE Missouri State

Junior 3B for the back to back OVC Champion Southeast Missouri State RedHawks.

In baseball and in life there are no freebies, handouts, or entitlements. Nearly everything is accomplished through skill, hard work, and character. What you put into the game is what you get out. I have been playing baseball since I was 4 years old and the longer you play the game the more you realize how essential those three attributes truly are in regards to succeeding at the higher levels as well as in life. I have been greatly blessed to recently receive a 75% scholarship to attend and play for a high level division 1 institution as I continue to pursue my childhood dream of playing at the highest level of baseball. I have been working with Brett since June of 2015 and in these past 8 months I have made incredible strides towards accomplishing these goals and aspirations I mentioned previously. First off, I have an in depth understanding of my swing and how to strive for mechanical soundness. Secondly, my bat speed has accelerated dramatically, recently topping at 107mph as well as my exit velocity measuring at a personal best 96mph. Lastly and most importantly, I have seen tremendous growth in my mentality, confidence, and overall character as a person. I can’t truly explain my gratitude for the investment and impact Brett Carroll has made on my life both on the diamond and in every day life! If you invest into Brett Carroll, you are directly investing into discovering your highest potential as player and as a person.

Tyler Chastain

“In the past year that my son Hudson, a high school junior, has worked with Brett, I have seen remarkable progress in terms of his hitting skills, approach, aggressiveness and confidence. Brett challenges him in every session to be better.  His power approach to hitting is outstanding in terms of making something hard be understandable.  Not only is Brett a great teacher of all aspects of hitting, he is even a better person. His investment of time and effort in developing a personal relationship with his students separates him from others.  Not only is my son being trained in solid hitting approaches and drills that he can take to his own practices and games, he gets to have a special time of fellowship with one of the most quality individuals you can meet.  Baseball should be fun.  My son has a tremendous time of fun while spending time with Brett.  As a parent it excites me when he wants to go hit because of the fun and improvement that he is seeing daily.”

Ross Mckenry

“Since I’ve started with Brett I’ve never felt better about my approach at the plate. Not only is my process and swing better but my confidence in my ability to hit is up a lot. The ball comes off harder, my swing is more fluid, and my mentality is so much more positive. Truth over time for sure!”

Mark Fee

“Let me point out that his batting average during his sophomore year in High School was .000 and his batting average one year later during his junior year was .151. After less than three months of 15 lessons and some personal work ethic, my youngest son was able to do something he hasn’t had prior success in doing … his batting average jumped up to .409 with an on-base average of .528. You might argue that physical and mental maturity could have been the cause of this remarkable increase in batting average. While there is no doubt these two variables are a portion of it, there is also no doubt that the in-depth lessons with Brett Carroll have been the major cause of his success.”