Below are the names of the players who are invited to join BC Athletics. If you have made a team, your next steps are to fill out the BC Athletics Liability Waiver, fill out a Player Contract, and Pay Your Tuition!


Coach Shawn Hughes
Wes Alig
Jack Alley
Cade Batchelor
Landis Davila
Eli Elkins
Andrew Hill
Jake Merrick
Brennon Siegler
Jed West
Brooks Wright
Brady Scott


Coach Tyler Orr
Zach Bergstrom
Hayden Moseley
Landon Lutterman
Case Simpson
Ben Smith
Simon Tesh
Tyler Jenkins
Colt Whaley
Kaito Muto
Tripp Spencer-Jacob Fields


Trenton Bolding
Eric Nations
Jonathan Milloway
Wyatt Collins
Camden Neal
Avery Crabtree
Logen Sutton
Jace Maxey
Mason Speanburgh
Austin Kirkland
Ryan Degges
Elijah Dew
Ben Zyburt
Jaylen Jones
Grant Rice
Brock Hodges
Brady Hodges
Ian Mcleod
Gage Newsome
Kameron Siegrist
Will Nelms

Note: These are not the full rosters for any team due to decisions and invites still being made. Thank you!